Hang in There

In this issue, a possible closure, an anniversary, a new drive-thru, a pizza-making dry-run, and some TV stars. But first…

Tomorrow is the last day to vote in-person. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to include your voice. Make a plan and vote.


Veg News

[SCOOP] Rachel Musquiz of Curcuma seeks to move away from the food truck business, a sentiment she shared in a private Facebook group. She says, “I want to open the option of bringing on someone who’d be interested in a GM/Operator role with a profit share. It’d have to be someone passionate about the menu concept and wants to work in the food truck’s day-to-day operations. I have systems down, margins are good, and a solid community.” Musquiz adds, “I have loved my time in the trailer; I just feel like it’s time to move on for me.”

If Musquiz doesn’t find an interested and suitable partner, she will close the food truck in December. She also states, “[Whatever happens,] Curcuma will live on in products and food service for our turmeric paste, and some other offerings.”

Interested parties can contact Musquiz by email at eatcurcuma@gmail.com.

* We shared this story first in the AVN Daily “They Might be Closed Soon.”

In other news, they might be out of free cake, but let’s still wish a happy anniversary to Rebel Cheese!

JuiceLand mixed liquids with Little City Coffee and made a drive-thru.


Big Nonna’s did a pizza-service dry-run at its new shop in north Austin between 6:00 and 8:00 PM Friday night. Here’s how it went down.

And just last night they posted this teaser:

Rogue Radish will be closed until November 11.

Happy fourth to Citizen Eatery!


Veg in the Media

Statesman covers the drive-thru in “JuiceLand and Little City Coffee open drive-thru in Southwest Austin Wednesday.”

Dr. Phil highlighted Austin Farm Sanctuary on his show today. Here are a clip and a summary of the show.

Eater Austin includes Capital City Bakery in “Where to Order Thanksgiving Takeout From Austin Restaurants.”

CBS All Access is streaming “That Animal Rescue Show,” with two episodes highlighting Central Texas Pig Rescue. ICYMI, we published a special AVN Daily, “It All Began with a Pig Named Dood.”

View this post on Instagram

This is a big moment for us, part of an even bigger movement for Pigs 😭 That Animal Rescue Show begins streaming today! Nervous, excited, emotional. We hope you walk away from this series knowing how much animals – especially farmed animals – deserved to be loved. We hope it inspires you to be a volunteer at your local sanctuary, or become a donor towards one of the amazing organizations in the series or near you. There are SO MANY fierce advocates and caregivers to animals in this world. We happen to be incredibly fortunate for our story to be told in this way. We hope that seeing a pig or cow seek out affection like a dog, or seeing pigs as valued family members gives people pause the next time they’re in the grocery store. We hope that seeing farmed animals this way disrupts the paradigm of commodification and abuse of animals. We hope it makes people fall in love with pigs…(and cows and goats and turkeys and bats and raccoons and coyotes and squirrels). To anyone who has ever volunteered or visited – there are hundreds of you! – thank you for any moment of kindness you’ve shown our amazing babes. To anyone who has ever donated – the confidence you’ve shown us with your dollars is something we don’t take for granted. We are CTPR – a major team of humans volunteering our time and talent and love for the sake of saving and providing for animals who had no other option. We do it for the pigs. Because Pigs Are People Too. . @austinwildliferescue @austinbatrefuge @austinfarmsanctuary @mjdiazdiaz @gumbo_thepig @austinpetsalive @apabottlebabies @safeinaustinrescue @the_kilo_gram @shandaharris25 @presentprogressive @traychic21 . . . #pigs #pigsofinstagram #animalsanctuary #animalreascue #farmanimalrescue #friendsnotfood #vegan #vegetarian #plantbased #veganfortheanimals #texasvegan #texas #austintexas #animals #stopanimalcruelty #adoptdontshop #animaladvocate #stopbreeding #bekind #bekindtoanimals #austinvegans #kindness #cbsallaccess #cbs

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Milky Way Shakes is one of the “Best Spots for Chocolate Lovers in ATX,” according to TexasTasty.


Veg Delights

Liz Velatini and The Vegan Rainbow bring us two pumpkin recipes by video: “Pumpkin Spice Waffles” and “Harry Potter Pumpkin Pasties,” respectively. Which one will you make?

Veg Jobs

Citizen Eatery is looking for a server.

Veg Events

Did we mention that it’s Election Day, Tuesday, November 3? Please vote.

ATX Vegans is hosting “Campout at The Farm Fall 2020!” Saturday, November 7, at 3:00 PM.


Danny D. shared on the Austin Vegans Facebook page that Kerbey Lane Cafe’s Fall Menu includes vegan mac ’n cheese. We checked Kerbey Lane’s site, and it’s true. To see it, you have to select “Fall Menu” under the “More Menus” menu (Could we use the word menu any more?). Thanks for sharing your find, Danny!

Not Exactly Austin, But…

We came across this TED-Ed video on YouTube, and we couldn’t help but feel hopeful about the future of plant-based foods. Check out, “Which type of milk is best for you?

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