They Called. You Answered.

In this issue, vegan businesses get a ton of coverage from the media. Also, the community welcomes a new bakery and a new plant-based food company, shops increase their hours and open services, and the Austin vegan community answers a call for help. But first…

Early voting begins Tuesday, October 13. For the love of Texas, Austin, and all that is vegan, please vote. Heres a list of Travis County polling locations for your convenience. Thanks to Brian W. for posting this link in the Austin Vegans group.


Veg News

Curcuma put out an SOS, and the Austin vegan community answered.

Hunter and Evelina launch Unicorniverse, a 100% vegan cottage bakery in Austin. They specialize in French macarons, gourmet cakes, and pastries. You can reach them on InstagramFacebook, or email. Welcome!

Austin-based Urban Cowboy Foods, a new company, launched a new plant-based jerky last week. You can order their products online or find them in Whole Foods.

Counter Culture opens patio service as posted on Nextdoor. Here’s what the patio looks like:

Skull & Cakebones opens its patio but continues curbside service.

Rebel Cheese extends its brunch hours.

And speaking of Rebel Cheese, you can now find them on Frnd-Ships delivery app.

Kowon Bakery will close October 14–18.

Austin Kind Cakes closes until November 5.

Bruja’s Brew Kombucha postpones its move to this week.

Happy 32nd to Mr. Natural!

Veg in the Media

ATX Food Co. is number five on LIVEKINDLY’s list, “The 10 Best Vegan Food Trucks in the U.S.

Chron features NadaMoo! in “Treat yourself to healthy treats in Austin.”

The Austin Chronicle includes Juiceland and Jugo in “Let Us Intro-Juice Ourselves: Five liquid suitors who want to be your next main squeeze.”

Austin360 includes Capital City BakerySkull and Cakebones, and Zucchini Kill Bakery in its recent article. Check out, “Treat yourself: Here are more than 80 Central Texas bakeries to satisfy your sweet tooth.“

Gati gets the feature treatment from Austin360 and Eater Austin. Check out “Thai Fresh’s vegan ice cream shop is finally open in East Austin” and “Thai Fresh’s Vegan Ice Cream Shop Opens in Holly After Two Years of Delays.”

Rabbit Food Grocery and Rebel Cheese are double features in “What you’ll find at vegan food stores Rabbit Food Grocery, Rebel Cheese” by Austin360.

Austin360 is on a roll with “You gotta try this: More than 50 of Austin’s top drinks, food products.” It includes NadaMoo!Luv FatsCulina YogurtCredo FoodsSiete Family FoodsBuddha’s Brew and Bhoomi Cane Water.

Austin360 rounds out its lovefest in “A guide to Austin’s specialty food stores selling fresh pasta, spices, meats and more:”  Mr. NaturalRabbit Food Grocery, and Rebel Cheese.

And if all the coverage from Austin360 isn’t enough, Eater Austin also published “Vegan Restaurants Already Cater to a Specific Community. Now, They’re Relying on Them More Than Ever.” It’s a must-read.

It’s Bree and Ben have a kind conversation with Michael Moyer of Citizen Eatery.


Veg Delights

Its roasting season, and Evolving Table’s “Roasted Beet Hummus Recipe” might be perfect for Austin‘s transitioning weather.

And wouldn’t oven-roasted apples smell lovely? If you answered yes, check out Lilith‘s “Stuffed Baked Apples 🍁 Autumn Recipes 🍂” on her YouTube channel, The Vegan Rainbow.

Veg Jobs

HapPea Vegans is looking for weekend help. Check out its Instagram for details.

Veg Trivia

Did you know plants do feel pain? We‘re still going to eat them, but we found this article interesting: “When Plants Go to War: In the fight against insects, plants have evolved an arsenal of ingenious chemical defenses.”

Thanks for reading this week’s newsletter. Stay well, and we’ll see you next week.

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