Lick It Up Officially Opens in Austin Today. Plus, an Update about Cool Beans.

Lick It Up: An interview with Rolando Garza.

If the name Lick It Up sounds familiar to you, it might be because El Paso chef Edgar Delfin and the food truck gained fame on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Today, Rolando Garza of Cool Beans, another familiar Austin chef and food truck, heads up Lick It Up Austin.

I call Rolando for a quick interview. He’s busy getting ready for the grand opening, so he asks me if we could schedule a time to chat later. Then, he sends me these pics and says, “We are literally working on the Lick it up location rn (right now).”

As promised, Rolando calls me later:

AVN: Can you tell me how you met Edgar, and how you came to head up the truck in Austin?

Rolando: Edgar and I met through a mutual friend in the food industry. We had jumped on a call and immediately hit it off like two vegan chefs with a deep love for the Mexican culture and cuisine would. Naturally, we thought of and loved the idea of teaming up, so we lined up events for SXSW. That didn’t pan out as expected, so we decided to expand the Lick It Up project instead.

AVN: What’s up with Cool Beans? Is it still in business?

Rolando: Yes. Cool Beans is focusing on catering right now. We’ve actually been working at SpaceX in south Texas lately.

AVN: Ah! Space tacos?! That sounds really cool. So, will you be running both Cool Beans and Lick It Up Austin then?

Rolando: Haha! Something like that, and yes.

AVN: I think the Austin vegan community really misses Cool Beans. What would you like to say to the city of Austin about the heritage of Cool Beans and this new venture? In other words, what would they find familiar about Lick It Up Austin, and what could be a surprise, with no spoilers?

Rolando: Similar to Cool Beans, Austin can expect the authentic Mexican cuisine with a plant-based twist. We’ll make house made proteins and hand made gorditas. (Yes! Finally vegan gorditas in Austin!) The menu is very different and I’m excited to bring that to Austin. We haven’t forgotten about our Cool Beans fans though. To show our love, we just finished up a recipe book and have started the process of producing vegan cooking courses. Cool Beans will continue to do private events and catering for now.

AVN: That all sounds very exciting! I know you have a big day ahead of you, so I’ll let you go. Good luck with Lick It Up Austin’s grand opening, and thank you for your time!

Rolando: Thank you, Antonio. I appreciate what you do for our Austin community. Cheers.

Lick It Up Austin is located at Spider House Cafe and Ballroom, 2908 Fruth St. It’s open daily from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM and currently only accepting no-contact payments through its online ordering system at (Note: on grand opening day, the menu and ordering system will go live when the truck is ready to accept orders.)

For more coverage on Lick It Up Austin, check out Eater Austin’s “El Paso’s Popular Vegan Mexican Street Food Truck Heading to Austin” and CultureMap Austin’s “El Paso food trailer spices up Austin with vegan Mexican street food.”


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