Austin Vegan Eats Reopen: Who’s open and what you should know before dining-in

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Phase one to reopen Texas began May 1. “Under Phase I, certain services and activities are allowed to open with limited occupancy, and the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) is issuing minimum standard health protocols for all businesses and individuals to follow,” per the Texas Governor’s website.

This means Austin vegan restaurant owners will eventually open their dining rooms, and as they do, we will keep a list here to let you know who has. But here’s what you need to know should you decide to dine out during Texas’s phase one reopening.

  • If you feel ill or exhibit any symptoms of an illness, like a fever, you should not dine out.
  • Dining rooms will only hold 25% total capacity. In other words, if a restaurant can hold 100 diners, it will only allow 25 people to eat in the dining room.
  • You must still physically distance yourself by six feet. We can’t imagine how this will work in this scenario, but you should make every effort to maintain a distance.
  • You can expect your hosts and servers to wear face coverings that cover their noses and mouths. And although the state won’t require it, you should wear a face covering, too, to help protect yourself and others.

Here is the list of food trucks and restaurants with open dining rooms and spaces, last updated June 10 at 3:58 PM:

Vegan spots

The Beer Plant (May 25)

Citizen Eatery (June 1)

Counter Culture (Open patio, but no service)

Spots with vegan options


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